Reactions to performances

Eleonore's performances are always grand and intimate at the same time. Grand because of her impressive voice and personal 'aura'. She obtains intimacy by drawing the public into her world with the use of specially chosen sites and with the scenery, that she herself creates. The spectator gets so an exciting feeling that he has landed in something very special.
(Annemarie de Raadt, writer and former theatre editor Viva and Première)

Working with Eleonora last year on her project in the Uilenburg Synagogue was a great experience: not only piano- playing and singing, as usual, but a great experience, covering many disciplines, enriching each others beauty and strength: the singing, dancing, piano-playing; the scenery, the colours, the atmosphere.
(Tadeu Duarte, pianist)

Eleonere giving her concert in the Uilenburg Synagogue

We had a really special evening in the Uilenburg Synagogue; it was very beautiful and both the location and the program were completely in harmony. Thank you very much for this'without a doubt'masterly example of professional skill!
(one of the spectators about 'Verklärte Nacht')

Dear Eleonore,
All our guests enjoyed enormously the concert you prepared for the past New Year's Eve. The variety of songs, the quality of the voices together with the enthusiasm and temperament made the total evening to a great success. The three ‘encores’ you were willing to give, to satisfy the continuous applauding by our guests for a continuation of the spectacle, were most appreciated. I sincerely hope that we will be able to be calling on you for future performances at the Hotel Savoy.
(Prague, E.F.J. van Dal, General Manager)

Eleonore van de Mortel... dramatic, musical and refreshing... I can recommend her performances to inaugurate a new theatre!
(Joost Koldewij, architect)

Getting 3700 colleagues, who are not principally interested in music, to fall still as mice during a party, says enough. Eleonore is professional, adventurous and enchanting.
(Kees Albrecht, neurosurgeon)

It was a wonderful, clear-cut performance! All fell in the right place!
(Mirjam de Zeeuw, artist about ‘Folklór‘)

What a sparkling performance! Varied, perfect for your ear and your eye.
(one of the spectators about ‘Folklór‘)

Eleonore's performance for the European Society of Cardiology in the Museum van Loon had special quality, vitality and a certain magic touch. Our group was really impressed. Her performance was captivating, varied and a delight to the eye!
(Irene Hellemans, cardiologist)