Images around me - objects, photographs in magazines - all intrigue me.
I focus in on an image that triggers me most and take it out of its context.
I try to capture my fascination for the image and bring it over to the viewer. Sometimes it needs some cutting, re-placing or reforming to reach it.
I impose no restrictions on myself over materials and techniques. The result
might be a painting, a sculpture, a photograph or an other object.

The location where I present my work is very important to me.
I want to create a total experience.


2011: - BLACK WHITE RED, solo-exhibition, Koninginneweg 204 II, A'dam
2010: - Sugar Works, solo-exhibition, Olympic Stadium, A'dam
2010: - LOUNGE, expo-experience, Overtoom 57, A'dam
2009: - LOUNGE, solo-exhibition, Overtoom 57, A'dam
2008: - A ‘Fruity’ Taste, exhibition, Olympic Stadium, A'dam
2007: - Memorabilia II, solo-exhibition, Monuta, Nijmegen
2006: - Memorabilia, solo exhibition, Herengracht 498, A'dam
Streetlife A'dam in ZWR
A'dam Streetlife
in BWR